Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Highlights with Rub 'n Buff

I purchased three of these cute Fleur-de-lis at First Monday in Canton, Texas back in October.  I had them hanging "as is" for a while above the mirror in the dining room.

Then, I sprayed them with an Oil Rubbed Bronze color.

I hung them back above the mirror in the Dining Room.  Still, something was not quite right...not the look I wanted. Possibly mono-colored...they needed highlights!

SOOOOOO, what's a girl to do? Well...I pulled out the Rub 'n Buff in Antique Gold!!!

I placed highlights in a fast and orderly manner on all three. (because the Rub 'n Buff dries FAST!)

Now, I am much Happier with the look :)  If only I can learn how to take photos!

Have a wonderful week!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is a 2-D Barcode.  According to Florida Realtor Magazine March 2011 Article, "Start the Conversation", "2-D Barcodes simply encode data like a web address or a text message."

I own Collier Real Estate, and one of the newest marketing tool for many real estate companies will be to use 2-D Barcodes.  These 2-D Barcodes will be on business cards, property flyers, emails, and even on real estate company yard signs.  Usually in real estate the 2-D Barcode will direct you to the property for sale website, video tour of the property, or to the Realtor's web site, etc.  It allows prospective buyers to easily receive additional information on the property from their smart phone.

You might have noticed 2-D Barcodes on magazines advertisments such as in Marie Claire or Self magazines.

You can go to your smart phone app store and find a QR Code reader app.  Install the reader.  Using your smart phone app, you scan the 2-D barcode and you will be forward to a webpage or a video, etc.

I think the 2-D Barcode can be a helpful tool for bloggers, who have a business associated with their blogs.  When a blogger has merchandise in a store or  booth, usually there is a price tag on the merchandise.  Include the 2-D Barcode on the price tag.  After the buyer of your merchandise goes home, they can scan the 2-D Barcode, and be directed to your blog or website. 

If you scan the 2-D Barcode in this article, it will direct you to the Santa Fe Presbyterian Church web site.  (This is where Hubby and I go to church).

I hope this information helps you.

Yes, I have been busy selling real estate and painting in the garage.  I have several things I will be sharing with you soon. 

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Have a great Spring Time!