Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sophie's Bedroom is READY!!

Wow!  This summer has gone by fast!  Tonight, Sophie, our exchange student from Germany, will be arriving in Oklahoma City.  We are so excited!  We have watched her plane travel across the Atlantic on the airline website.

I want to share with you her bedroom.  Remember how it looked liked a grandma's Room.  I think you will find there have been changes a happening at our house.

Here is a reminder of how the room once looked:

and a second look at the old room

Here is Sophie's bedroom, now!

I am leaving the walls undecorated, so Sophie can turn this room into HER room.

The bedding came from TJ Maxx.

I purchased inexpensive lamp shades from Garden Ridge.  They had a camo material on the shades.  I removed the camo material and recovered the shades with painter drop cloth material, and glued brown ribbon at the top and the bottom of the shades.  I spray-painted the gold lamps ORB.

I sewed the round table cover from painter drop cloth material, and used a zig zag stitch to add the trim at the bottom of the table skirt.

The table skirt trim is the very same material used to accent the window curtains.

The window curtains are made, once again, from painter drop cloth fabric with the fun and colorful material to the inside and outside of  each panel.

We purchased a new mirror (on sale 50% off)  from Pier One, a round pendleton paper latern from Target, the guitars and small amp were purchased from a pawn shop. I spray painted the small chair with ORB and recovered with  cream colored fabric remnant from JoAnn Fabrics.  Tom, my oldest son brought over the music stand and checked out the guitars before we purchased them. Also, Tom took the time to tune and restring the guitars.

The Lava Lamp had belong to our second son, Greg, when he was in high school.

Here is a quick look at her bathroom.

I stapled the bedroom curtains material around stretch bars and hung the artwork over each of the hand towel holders.

Here is a look at three of the artwork I made displayed in the shower area.

Hopefully, Sophie will feel welcomed and loved in her American home. We have no doubt she will add joy to our lives.  And, we look forward to having her family with us during the Christmas holidays!

Thanks again for following my adventures.  It should be a busy school year for my family with Sophie.