Saturday, June 30, 2012

Aloha! A Luau Bridal Shower!

Aloha, Everyone!  Last Saturday, I returned from the Haven Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  What a marvelous experience! I will write about the Conference later.  After a two hour nap on Saturday afternoon, my husband and I attend a Luau Bridal Shower for our good friend Janet Cartmill's son Pat and his financee, Peyton.

Mr C and I are decked out in our Luau Outfits! 

Rachel, the groom's sister drew the design and Susie, the groom's aunt painted the scene.  Rachel's husband Alex was back east and their sweet daughter, Ellie went to bed early.

What a fun dessert table!

The palm tree was made with styrafoam covered with hollowed pineapples topped with a fern.  Coconuts were used to fill the base of the tree. 

I love these flip flops!!!  They are made out of Nutter Butter Cookies topped with icing.

 Buck said he helped to decorated the flip flops and Johnnie, his sister, helped with the party decorations, too.

I love the cake pops! They were delicious, too!

The Beach Cake was pretty darn cool!!

Oh My!  Look at this whale of fruit!

Rachel carved the whale from a watermelon.  Great Job! 

Here's the chips, veggies, fruit and dip spread!

The backporch was an oasis.

The main entree were chicken and vegetable kobots.

This beach umbrella wreath was a great idea!

The wreath was made with cocktail umbrellas.

This is Janet the Groom's Mom with several family members and friends.

The men were beach bums!

This is Peyton, the bride, with her mother, Debbie.

This is the Groom with his Aunt Susie.

There were so many other people who helped with the party, who are not photographed such as Pat's brother JJ (the "Iron Chef"), his beautiful wife Michelle, their son JohnDavid, and their daughter, Madison.  Madison greeted us with an Aloha and a Lei in her pretty dress from Hawaii.  Everyone in the family worked to give all the guests an entertaining celebration for Pat and Peyton.

Here is final "BLURRY" photo of Pat and Peyton.
They are a very beautiful couple!
Wishing Pat and Peyton the best!

                        NO!  Your eyes are not blurry, the photos were taken with my iphone!! 
 Even with the blurry photos, I wanted to share with you this talented family and the fun time we have with them!  We have fun with them everytime we are with them!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Revamped Vase

This gold vase belonged to my mother.  She had it for many years!

Get your sunglasses!  The "Harvest Gold" color will hurt your eyes! Time to Revamp this little darling!

So, I grabbed a can of "Valspar Gloss Exotic Sea" paint and sprayed.

I topped the paint with Ralph Lauren's Tabacco glaze.

Nice, you see the white spot to the left at the top of the vase and on the lower right hand side?

Mr C knocked the vase over with the "Green Monster" garbage can and the vase took a roll down the driveway!


I sprayed over the spots and spot stained the vase.

Here is the finish project.

This revamped darling is ready to go to Tom's House.

Thank you for hanging with me on my adventures!  

I love all your comments!