Sunday, June 24, 2012

Revamped Vase

This gold vase belonged to my mother.  She had it for many years!

Get your sunglasses!  The "Harvest Gold" color will hurt your eyes! Time to Revamp this little darling!

So, I grabbed a can of "Valspar Gloss Exotic Sea" paint and sprayed.

I topped the paint with Ralph Lauren's Tabacco glaze.

Nice, you see the white spot to the left at the top of the vase and on the lower right hand side?

Mr C knocked the vase over with the "Green Monster" garbage can and the vase took a roll down the driveway!


I sprayed over the spots and spot stained the vase.

Here is the finish project.

This revamped darling is ready to go to Tom's House.

Thank you for hanging with me on my adventures!  

I love all your comments!



  1. Looks terrific, Wanda.
    At first I thought you made the
    chippy spots on purpose and then I
    read on to see it took an unfortunate
    tumble! Oh my.

    It looks amazing now.
    You are so inspirational!

  2. Poor little guy taking so much abuse. Now he's amazing, good job. I love spray paint, I'm always teasing my family that if they sit still too long or are in my way they may just end up sprayed with paint! Great to meet you at Haven.


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