Monday, September 26, 2011

Tweaking the Fall Decor

Before I had finished putting out all of the fall decor accessories,  I started tweaking the fall decor that I had already displayed.

Remember the Dining Room Table?

I changed the look with a larger ceramic white pumpkin from TJ Maxx.


I think the larger ceramic white pumpkin looks better on the dining room table.

I moved the small orange pumpkin to the living room.

When I was taking photos the other day of the kitchen dining area side table,  I noticed that the wall above the side table looked bare.

I added a brass pot with greenery from the old guest room (aka Sophie's Room).

Here is closer look at side table top.

I like how the brass pot and greenery warmed the area above the side table.

I am almost finished with the interior fall decor, and I will be sharing the den mantel later this week.

I will be linking to the following parties this week:

Linda at Coastal Charm

The Girl Creative

Our fall weather has been wonderful! I hope you are enjoying your fall season!

Thanks for following my adventures.  I love your comments!


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  1. How cute! I love that white pumpkin, I may just have to run to the store and see if they have more!;)


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