Thursday, August 13, 2015

Avocado Toast Breakfast

Avocado Toast seems to be frequently appearing on all the different media sites as a meal or a snack selection.  So, this morning,  I thought I would give it a try for breakfast.  What a delicious treat with great health benefits!


I used ingredients, which I already had on hand.  I smashed an avocado with a pinch of Morton Coarse Kosher Salt  in a small bowl and I sliced about 12 small cherry tomatoes.  The tomatoes were sprinkled with Kosher salt, pepper, and McCormick Gourmet Collection Mediterranean Basil Leaves. Two slices of  Food For Life Bread Company, Sprouted Grain & Seed Bread were toasted on high in the toaster.

Here is a look my breakfast platter.

Another look at the Wonderful Delicious toast slice.


My Physician suggested, I follow the Mediterranean Diet.  This breakfast was a great option for the diet with ease of prep time, great taste and quite filling.  (If you can not have salt in your diet, then the salt can be eliminated from the recipe.)  Also, fresh basil on the tomatoes would be delicious, too.

Give this a try as a meal or a snack. You can find "Online", there are all types of recipes for Avocado Toast.

Have you tried Avocado Toast?  Which is your favorite recipe for avocado toast?

Wishing everyone a Great Week! 

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