Monday, May 16, 2011

Goodwill Treasure Update #1

Hi Everyone! 

I have been quite busy in the last weeks.  I went down to First Monday weekend in Canton, Texas with two of my friends.  On the way to Canton, we stopped and shopped at the Home Good Store in Dallas, where I purchased two lamps for my oldest son's bedroom.  I will share these with you very soon.  On Saturday morning, we went to "Trade Days" in Canton.  We saw lots of neat things.  

I purchased four big pots of Petunias for $5.00 each, large "Bumble Bees" tacks and a couple of clothing items.  My friends found things they loved, too.

After my shopping weekend, I came down with a horrible sinus infection, which held me back for almost 10 days. I had to go to the doctor for meds, and I am quite well now.

Today, I want to share one of my Goodwill treasures that I purchased several weeks ago.  Do you remember this photo of my treasure hunting find from Goodwill?

Well, I spray painted the pole lamp "Oil Rubbed Bronze" and covered the shade with burlap and jute.

I saw the burlap lampshade with jute idea on a blog.  I cannot find the blog, however, there is blogger out there, who had this idea first and shared.  I would give credit, if I could locate that blog again. 

Here is the result.

Not bad for $9.95 for the pole lamp from Goodwill.  I already had the spray paint, burlap, and jute.

I know it is a busy time for most families with the end of  the school year nearing.

Wishing each of you a Wonderful Week!  Love to hear your comments.


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