Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Starfish Here, Starfish There, Everywhere a Starfish!

During our trip to First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas, I wanted to buy a few Starfish.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, seems to use them as a summer decor accessory in their home.

I never found any Starfish at the HomeGoods Store, Paul Michael Company or at "Trade Days" in Canton. I found Starfish candles and plates, but no individual Starfish.  On Sunday, on our way home, the weather had turned quite cold.  We stopped at the Grapevine Mills Mall in Grapevine, Texas. (I had never been to the mall and my friends had not been there in years.)

While inside Marshalls, I located a package of Five Starfish, and they were priced just right!!

When I came home I added the starfish  here, there, and everywhere to the decor.

Upstairs on the "Boom-A-Rang" table

Downstairs in the Kitchen Dining
The Piano in the Living Room
The Living Room Coffee Table
So, what do you think?  Pretty simple?  The starfish reminds of the sea.

Thinking of the sea, today :)



  1. Very clever use of the starfish! They do give a summery feel to the decor. Glad you were able to find some.

  2. Hi Wanda, I love the way you displayed all the starfish, especially the one in the kitchen in that leaf shaped basket holder.... You are so right about decorating with star fish... its all the rage nowadays! I picked up a basket of six from Big Lots a month back for $6. I love your sugar mold candle holder. Thanks for sharing!~Poppy


  3. Hello Wanda, You have a done a beautiful job displaying all your lovely starfish. You're right I am seeing starfish along with "Beachy" type decorating items all over the stores. They are so fresh and clean looking! Susie


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