Thursday, July 7, 2011

DIY Project for an Estate Sale Dresser

I told you Mr C and I found several things to go in Tom's House during an estate sale.  Well, we found a perfect dresser with a mirror to use in his house.  It will be used in his entry.

Here is the picture of the dresser being used as a sofa table.

I am going to change out the hardware.  Tom likes the color and the  storage the dresser offers.

Now my pride and joy purchase is the wire basket on top of the dresser.  This baby came from Goodwill at a great price of $3.99.

The moss spheres were made by yours truly.

I had all items needed to make the moss spheres.


plus I had the hot glue gun and hot glue gun sticks. 

I know many of you would have used pins to attached the moss, however 

Jack loves to have at least a small taste of everything.  He has devoured a chair seat!

So, I used hot glue instead of pins to attached the moss.

Watch out for the Summer heat!

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