Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Sketchbook of Birds by Charles Tunnicliffe

I have been wanting to switch out several prints in my house to frame sketches of birds.  I have noticed the price of several of the framed bird sketches and re-prints.  

Then, I thought maybe an option for me would be to find prints in books and have them matted and framed at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  At least, I could purchase the mats and frames and complete a DIY project with framed bird sketches.  So, I headed over to the used bookstore, "Archives Books".  

I found the most interesting book.

for a great price of $4.95

I loved the sketches inside this book by Charles Tunnicliffe. The book is "Divided into five sections - Seabirds; Waders; Geese, Ducks, and Swans"; including  Birds of Prey; and Miscellaneous Birds.  The drawings were selected from seventeen of the artist's sketchbooks.  "C. F. Tunnicliffe was born in Cheshire, England in 1901."  Tunnicliffe usually noted on his sketches the location and the date of composition.

Mr. Tunnicliffe died before the publication of this book, "...but he did see color proofs of some of the pictures and took pleasure in discussing and corresponding about publishing details during the planning stages."

I am going to share with you a few of the pages from this book.  (Please note: my photos do not show the real beauty of each page.)

Charles Tunnicliffe had a wonderful talent. 

"In 1944, he was elected to the Royal Academy."

"In August 1974 an exhibition of his bird drawings opened at the Royal Academy."

He was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Society for the protection of Birds in 1974.

"Charles Tunnicliffe achieved distinction in several fields: as an etcher and engraver, water colorist, and book illustrator specializing in natural history subjects."

He died in 1979.

I am mesmerized by his sketches.  I do not think I can use any of the prints from this book to mat and frame.  I think it will make a beautiful coffee table book in my living room or in my upstairs landing room.  

Have any of you found prints in books and had them matted and framed either by a company or on a DIY project?

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  1. Hi Wanda!
    Yes! I frame prints and pages from books all the time. I love Framesbymail.com for great but inexpensive custom frames. I love old hand-tinted prints from books.
    These birds are so pretty. I can see why you love them!


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