Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stencil "C" Pillow

Hello Friends,

Earlier this week, I shared with you my three-year chair project that I finished last Saturday Morning.  Today, I would like to share with you how I made the initial "C" pillow to go on the chair. 

Also, I used Microsoft Windows Live Writer for the first time to write this post, (I know I am a little late to the game, but I liked it). I accidently published the post instead of moving it to blogger prior to it being finished.  If you saw the first post, ignore it, although I understand it is on the internet FOREVER!

Since the chair was going to Tom’s house, I had to make sure the pillow was masculine. Tom HATES decorative pillows!  So, the only thing I could thing of was a monogram “C” using the popular “Stencil” font . 

I decided I would use the pillow form from one of the old pillows I had purchased at “Target”. (I know all of you know how to pronounce “Tar-Zhay” the French Way.)

Pretty Darn Simple! Right? WRONG!  When I opened one side of the pillow to pull the form out, I realized the casing for the pillow stuffing was attached to the pillow.  (Maybe, all of you knew this, but not me!)

See! Then, I proceeded to open all four sides.  When I finally opened the pillow, this is what I found!

A little stuffing had been sewn into the seam line. I put aside all the stuffing and used the pillow as a pattern.  I used  painter drop cloth (left over from another project) for the pillow.

I thought the pillow was too large for the chair.  So, I measured 1 1/2”  around and marked the casing to cut the casing for the smaller pillow. Then I used the smaller casing as a pattern and cut the drop cloth material (already cut out) smaller.  I sewed the casing and put all the stuffing inside and sewed up the casing.

Now, Finally, I had to figure out the size of the Stencil to go on the pillow.  I went to the “Word” program and opened a blank document.  I typed a capital ‘C” on the page.  Next I highlighted the “C” and chose the “Stencil Font”.  I clicked the the font increase size button to make the “C” as large as I needed and then printed the pattern out on the computer. (you can always take your chosen letter and increase the size with a copier, our copier is on the blink!)

I realized I was out of Freezer Paper.  Mr. C, being the sweet man that he is, went to the store and picked up freezer paper for me.

While Mr. C was at the store, I taped the "C" onto a card board box lid.  When he returned with the freezer paper, I taped the freezer paper (wax side down) on top of the "C".  (you can see my tape came undone.)

I used a mechanical pencil (you can use the old fashion type pencil) to trace the “C” on to the freezer paper. Guess where the cardboard box lid came from? (By the way, I am not being paid to promote “Office Depot”…it is what I had in the garage.

After tracing the “C”, I used an exacta knife to cut the stencil.

Now, here comes the fun part.  I ironed the stencil (wax side down) onto the front pillow side.  The wax side of the freezer paper really sticks to the cloth!

I pulled out my almost 20 year old black acrylic paint and started sponging on the paint.

I hung the stencil pillow front outside to dry. With our weather in Oklahoma, it dried pretty quick!  I sewed the front and back sides together, leaving an opening for the pillow form on one side.  I turned the pillow inside out, put the form inside the pillow, and hand-sewed the open end (you can use a sewing machine to close the pillow).

Here is the PILLOW sitting on the chair at Tom’s Front Porch.  The freezer paper kept the outline of the “C” crisp.

I had never used Freezer Paper for a stencil.  There are plenty of tutorials on stencil making in Blog land.  I just wanted to try this thrifty idea! This project would have been faster,  had I used the copy machine to increase the font size or ventured to Hobby Lobby to purchase a stencil, but then I would not have had as much fun as I did on Saturday!

Have you used any kind of stencil around your house?  I know wall Stencils are famous right now!

This week I am going to party at the following places:

Once again, I want to say a “BIG” Thank you for following my adventures!  I love LOVE your comments on the post directly and on Face book. 

Wishing you a great weekend!



  1. This is great! (I use a LOT of freezer paper--it is my 'go to' problem solver.) Thanks fpr stopping by my blog and commenting...I really appreciate it!

  2. This is a great idea! I have freezer paper in my kitchen drawer right now...mmmm...what can I stencil??? Thanks for the tip!

  3. It is an awesome idea. "C" stencil font is a very nice and surprising move in such a design!


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