Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lets Chip It, Baby!

Hello Folks!

I hope you are having a great week!  I went to my aquatic aerobic class this morning and finished little odds-and-ins that needed to be taken care of like return phone calls, filing, and working on my “To Do” list.

Now, to what I have wanted to do for quite a while!  Since, Sophie, our exchange student, went home in June, it is time to tranform her bedroom back into a guest bedroom.  I do not want to go back to the "Grandma's Bedroom Room Look" in the guest bedroom. (even if I am ENVIOUS of all my friends who are Grandmas, now!)

Back in June, I purchased this striped quit to use in the room at TJ Maxx. The colors are totally different from the red and brown room I used before Sophie and the purple, teal and brown used during Sophie visit.


A couple of days later, I managed to go to a local fabric store and found this material to go with the quilt.

This material just cried out for me to take it home. I loved the graphic design print and the colors!  I thought with the curtains made in this print or at least trimmed in this print with a couple of accent pillows (also, made out of the same print) on the bed and the chair, the room (with the right paint color on the walls) just might pull together for a new contemporary lighter look.

Now, here it is August and I need to get moving on this room.  I thought about painting the bed, dresser, and chest-a-drawers.  Mr. C did not like that idea and I agree I can always go back and paint furniture. However, I do have this gold chair, I can paint and try my hand at upholstering. You can see where Diablo, the cat, has used the chair as a scratching board!  BAD CAT!

Gold Chair

For those people who know me well, don’t you dare laugh at me for even thinking about upholstering this chair!  If I can try to do it! YOU CAN TOO!

Everyone has been going to Lets Chip it by Sherwin Williams, so I did.  I love it!  You just up load your photo and "Lets Chip It" will give several choices of paint to choose from and you can save it to your computer.

Here is what "Lets Chip It" offered on the quilt photo.

bedrm quilt chip1

Then I laid the curtain material swatch on top of the quilt. Here are the choices "Lets Chip IT" gave for quilt and the curtain swatch, together.

 q cs 02

I am Very Excited over this tool, Lets Chip It by Sherwin Williams!  Try it!  I think you will love it too!  It has given me several choices that I can paint on the walls and consider for the chair. Plus, you can chip colors from your kids art.  NOW, I need to shop for a coordinating fabric for the chair!

Are you getting ready to redo a room?  Paint the walls? Paint the furniture? Pick out new fabric or flooring?  It takes time and imagination to pull a room together.  Honestly, I do not think any of my rooms are pulled together.  Sometimes, I think I have too many different looks in one room (like a person's short attention span).
Which is me!

Wishing you a blessed week!  

Thank you for following my adventures! All of your comments on Face Book and on my blog means so much to me!  


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  1. Lovin that curtain material and I'm pretty sure I have that exact same quilt, also purchased at TJMaxx!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier!

    Jenna @


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