Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Frugal Weekend Project

Over the weekend, I made a simple bulletin board without spending any money. WOO! HOO! Many of you will be familiar with the bulletin board look I chose to make.

I found an empty picture frame in the attic and stapled the chicken wire to the frame and painted it black.

I had leftover scrapbook paper.

I had clothes pins left-over from a project many moons, ago.

I had Mod Podge in the cabinet.

I cut the scrapbook paper into strips to fit the clothes pins.  I used the Mod Podge to attach the strips to the clothes pins.

Here is a close-up of one of the clothes pins after it had dried on the bulletin board.

Here is the completed project hanging above my oldest son's office desk area.

This was a great EASY Frugal Project, which did not take too much time!!

Enjoy your week!  



  1. I love these type of projects..Easy and Frugal!
    Very nice.

  2. This turned so cute, Wanda!
    I may have to copy this somewhere in my house.
    Great idea!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog today.
    Hope you signed up for the giveaway too!

  3. P.S. Wanda! I am married to an OKie too!
    Mine is from Miami, OK....where is your hubbie from?
    Mine went to OU too, did yours?

  4. Hi Wanda, I'm so glad you stopped by to say hello over at my place and for following me. I love your blog and am following you right back... and yes thanks to Marty we get to know each other now!! I loved all your projects especially the awesome door-headboard idea and the chicken wire bulletin board and your antique rub n buff technique. I have this pedestal column which I've been meaning to apply a finish like you did on your headboard and now I can follow your steps. Thanks so much for sharing all these how-to steps... I love them!!! also thanks for sharing Allison's link,I'll definitely visit her...Will be looking forward to your future projects.Do stop by soon!!!

  5. Too cute, Wanda! This is a superb idea. Thanks for your sweet post on my blog. I'm your newest follower!!

  6. Hi, Wanda! Nice to "meet" a fellow Okie! This project turned out great. I really like what you did with your clothes pins and the chicken wire. I've never thought about painting it! That's a great idea.


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