Thursday, April 14, 2011

New/Used Bed Bench

Years ago, Tom, my oldest son, had a bench in his small apartment, which he used as a coffee table. 

He brought it over to my house so I could paint the bench.  After I had lightly sanded the bench and glued four molding pieces to it (to hide the cut out hearts on the legs), I happened to remember that I needed to take photos to share with you.

Here is a look of the top of the bench

Since, the bench is going to be used at the end of his bed, I painted the bench and distressed it with the same colors I used on the headboard (Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint in Powder Snow, Ralph Lauren Tea Stained Glaze, and Minwax Polycrylic Clear Satin)

Here is a look at one of the molding pieces hiding the hearts.

Here is a peek at the lower left corner of the bench

Here is the bench's new look.

Finally, this is how the bench and the headboard looks together.  Drum Roll, Please!

(shadow in the room makes the bench look darker)

I am not finished in this room.  I am currently bleaching Drop Cloths for curtains, and I am cruising new and used sales, Goodwill, Craiglist and other local shops for bedside tables, chairs and accessories that could be worthy of a "THUMBS UP" from Tom.

Hopefully, I will have a complete look for this room, soon.

Enjoy this beautiful spring season!


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  1. Hi Wanda, loved what you did with the bench... it matches perfectly with the headboard now!!!! I totally love the color and finish on both of them...wish the weather warms up here so I can apply this technique and make my own magical transformations!!! I can't wait to see how this rooms turns out... have a great weekend!!


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