Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting the RED OUT!

Like, I said in the last post.  I have been working on several projects for my oldest son's house.

Back in March, I showed you this red book shelf.

 I have had this shelf since the 1990's.  I used it to display trophies in one of my sons' bedroom.  So, it has been sitting in the attic for quite sometime.

First, I primed this shelf

I applied two coats of Kiltz, painted the shelf with Behr Premium Plus Ultra  Paint in Powdered Snow.  When I distressed the shelf, the red showed and the shelf was UGLY!!

 At the end of the day, I used Jasco Premium Paint & Epoxy Remover and  the electric hand sander to get the RED OUT. 

After all of that work, I re-primed the shelf. Painted the shelf with two coats of Behr Premium Ultra in Powdered Snow.  I distressed the shelf and used Ralph Lauren Tea Stain Glaze and placed two coats of Minwax Polycrylic Clear Satin. (I like how Minwax Polycrylic cleans up with soap and water)

Here is a peek at the shelf top corner.

and a quick peek at one of the shelf's support brace

No Way after stipping and sanding was I painting the bottom of the shelf :)

Here is the finished shelf hanging in Tom's Laundry Room.

What do you think? 

If you have any easier ways to get the RED OUT, please share!

Have a great day!  


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