Sunday, July 29, 2012

Container Gardens

Hello Friends,

It is always sooo nice to get away and it is always sooo nice to return home! This year my Aunt Carolyn and I traveled on the Collette Vacations Mackinac Island Tour.  The tour started in the Windy City, Chicago Illinois.  Our hotel was a short block from Michigan Avenue, the famous Magnificent Mile of shopping.

While we were walking along Michigan Avenue, it was very HOT and HUMID! I was inspired by the beautiful container gardens along the way which seemed to reflect coolness in temperature and looks.

What is the definition of a container garden?  Well, I (brilliant me) looked it up. According to, it is a noun and "a collection of pots or other receptacles containing soil for growing plants out of doors".  Well "other receptacles" sure do describe the lovely sites I saw on our walk.  I am inspired to do something with my shade area under a cluster of trees in my back yard.

In my mind's eye, I see container gardening not only small but large as the following examples will show.

I love the green grass surrounding the colored flowers and the round containers within the larger container.

I like how the vines drape over the concrete container with the tall plants mixed with the different colored flowers.

Look how lush the red plants are surrounded by the soothing greenery and the pink petal flowers blanket.

I think kids would love to see the dragon on the Mile!

This is my favorite!  I love the total layout of the garden with the brilliant colors, the elephant ear plants, with the small blue container with the pop of yellow.  I want this under the cluster of trees in my back yard!

Thank you for following my adventure, today.  Hope you were inspired as much as I was by the LARGE container gardens as I was.  Do you have a container garden?  Is it located in the sun or shade?

Have a great week!


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  1. Beautiful gardens! We saw the dark elephant ear plant at our local garden center just last weekend. It was so dark I first thought it was plastic...never seen one that color before!



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