Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Favorite Five Top Tips From Haven Conference

WOW, I had the most wonderful time traveling with my neighbor, Allison Griffith, owner of Refunk My Junk to the Haven Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in June.  She was a great roomie!

We met the most interesting women and men from all over the nation, we took great classes, and we returned home with a wealth of information.  The problem for me is where to start implementing all the information.

These Ladies worked really hard to give us a great time with quality information!

(L to R) KateSarahBethRhodaTraciChrisMarion
(Photo from Rhoda's blog)

(Photo from the Haven Conference Site)

The first evening at the conference reception, we all had a great time meeting each other.  I am sending out a Big Thank You to Cindy Miller for sharing her photo showing several of us standing with Rhoda.  Cindy has a wonderful blog and is owner of Bliss Designs, please check out her website and blog by clicking on her link.

I am the one holding the green fan standing by Rhoda.

I missed the Keynote Speakers, John and Sherry of Young House Love the next morning, because I was finishing a real estate offer for an adorable couple I am working with.  I completed my work before the Keynote Speakers had finished and I had an opportunity to meet Mr. Goodwill Hunting

 He is so wonderful! His personality in his session shines!

Yes, the photo was taken with my iPhone.

Also, I met Donna from Texas of Doozies Corner and her fantastic husband, Wesley. She and Allison are retailers for the CeCe Cardwells Paints and both of them will be retailers for the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. They met while at a CeCe Cardwells' painting workshop.  I had a great time with these two wonderful women.  Donna's husband,Wesley, was our chauffeur around town.

Here we are having dinner on Friday night.

(L to R)  Wesley, Donna, Myself, and Allison

On Friday night, I was a guest at the CeCe Retailer's dinner.  It was a wonderful dinner and I met the owner of  CeCe Cardwells Paints. What an exciting business opportunity for the CeCe Cardwells' Retailers.

I can not make Allison's iPhone Photo larger. (too grainy)
The owner of CeCe Cardwells paint has her face covered.  She prefers to have the retailers out front.

There really was Sooo Much More that happened, however I want to get to my Favorite Five Top Tips.

Drum Roll Please:

My Favorite Five Top Tips from The Haven Conference are:


Content is king!  It drives people and advertisers to your blogs. People want a reason to read your blog.  As my minister, Mitch Miller, says each Sunday, "Oh, its just that easy and it will be just that hard".


It does not matter how many times you blog, whether everyday, three times a week, or twice a week, Consistency is big because the readers and advertisers will learn your blogging schedule and know when to expect something from you!


Readers read left to right!  Duh, how does this help?  Keeps the contents of the blog, the advertisers and sponsors out front to the readers/friends.


Oh, my! I had no idea!  {Silly Me!}

I am trying to figure this one out, and what steps to take first. I think blogging consistently would be a great first step for me.  This is not a game, you must love sharing your life!


I knew light was very important, however not HOW IMPORTANT to use light to the best advantage with your photos to get the desire look you want to achieve.  The right light can be perfected by being outside or with the shutter speed and the aggregator on the camera. A DSLR camera can be purchased at a reasonable price with a set of beginner lenses.  After attending Haven, I purchased my camera at a Pawn Shop.  Yes I repeat P-A-W-N S-H-O-P! (no need to break the bank)

Now, if you visit with any of the attendees at the conference, each one will have their own favorite five top tips from the conference.  There truely was so much information, that there is no way you could leave without learning something either from the classes or the attendees.  I think meeting new friends at the conference was the best!

Yes, I am planning on attending the Haven Conference in 2013, and I encourage You to attend, too.

Once again, thank you for following my adventures!  Saturday, I am leaving on a trip, andI plan to share my trip with you as I travel (wish me luck attempting to share my adventure with my new "used" camera from hotels).

I love your comments on Facebook and on the blog post! I would love to have you follow me on my adventures!

 Have a great week!


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