Sunday, July 8, 2012

Visiting the OKC Junk Hippie Roadshow

My friend, Marie, and I headed to the "Junk Hippie Roadshow" at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds last Saturday.  I took my new "used" camera to see how it would work.

The show started at 9:00 am and lasted til 6:00 pm.  Marie and I arrived around 10:00 am and we did not know quite where to go, so we started following different women, who were walking with a clear sense of purpose.   While walking to a building, a lady walking behind us, asked us if we knew where we were going?  We informed her "no, we were just following the other women."

Once we reached the building, (the other woman led us to it) this sign greeted us at the door.  Cute!  Don't you think?

The "Junk Hippy Roadshow" highlights local small businesses and their inventory. 

My neighbor, Allison, who was my roommate at the Haven Conference in Atlanta, owns "Refunk My Junk" and was one of the vendors. 

Here is a photo of Allison and her mother, Carla.

Allison is a retailer for CeCe Cardwell's paint and will soon be a retailer for Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in the Oklahoma City Area.

Alison is quite busy with booths at two different locations  in Oklahomc City, one at the Feathered Nest Market and at the Showplace Market.  Also, She offers painting workshops at the Edmond Art Institute, too.  Allison is one very busy woman!

Here is a wine cork plague she had for sale, at Junk Hippie Roadshow.

Another vendor created this adorable "Time Out" chair!  Who knew being in trouble could be sooo stylish for a beautiful Princess!

I loved these oversized embellished cloths pins! Any style or design was available! (My favorite is the one with the"peace" sign)
The clothes pins were designed by Debi Gorman and Rachelle O'Brien of AmoreDecor.

I fell in love with this chest! I could see this chest in a lake house that I want to go with Mr. C's new boat and truck that he wants to buy.  The chest was created by Heather Brady with Vintage Betty.

I thought this was a great eclectic collection.

 RED is my favorite color!!! This chair and its mate, almost made it to my house.

Then my eyes went to this beautiful girl and her bow! This vendor offered all varities of bows!

 I am an OKC Thunder basketball team fan
and love James Hardin, our "Fear the Beard"  player. How could I not resist taking a picture of this pillow! The Beard pillow was being sold by Brittini Flowers of "Oh Honey Child".

Finally, I loved this concrete "&". Plus the table caught my eye, too! Tim and Kara will soon be offering DIY Conrete Classes. You can find out more regarding Tim and Kara on her wonderful blog by checking out Kara Paslay Designs.

These are only a few samples of the great items available from the Junk Hippy Roadshow.

After walking the show, my friend Marie took a brief break, while I took a few more photos. 

After the Junk Hippie Roadshow, Marie and I headed to another shopping gallery with a variety of booths.
We had lunch and called it a day!

As for my camera and photos, I am on a steep learning curve, however for a first day out with the camera and my limited photography skills, I think I did okay.  My photos appeared to be better than they were with my old authomatic camera or my iPHONE.  Hopefully, My photography skills will improve with more practice.  You know what they say, "Practice makes Perfect".  Ha!
I love sharing my adventures with you!  Thank you for all your comments on Facebook and here at Wandaful Wonders!  Enjoy your week!



  1. Thanks so much for coming!! It's exciting to see our show from someone else's perspective! Hope to see you at Junk Hippy OKC this fall!!
    xo, Kristen

  2. I would love to visit some of these unique places that you have found. Keep me in mind the next time you go treasure hunting!



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