Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mackinac Island Thrifty Shopping

Can you believe it?  Yes, the title is correct! YOU can go THRIFT shopping on the Mackinac Island.


We stayed at the Grand Hotel on the Island for two nights.  Very Pretty! 

ANY HOO!  While we were walking around with our two new BFF from Maine.  Peggy, from Maine, wanted to go to the Grand Hotel Attic Shop.  This shop is located in an area of little shops directly below the hotel.  When the four of us walked in, lo and behold, there were two more women from our tour, who were also shopping!

Here is a photo of our crowd (except myself and Jane) looking around in the shop.

You can see there are a lot of goodies to view!

Here are a few shots of the merchandise available.  (Lucky you... to get to see it, because the sales lady wanted to know why would I be taking photos....No, I did not explain about the blog... only  that I was practicing with my new "used" camera). I can see how it would be scary wondering why I was taken pictures, you never know what people have on their mind.

I like the plant pots, and they were reasonable priced.  Sorry, I can't remember how much.  I remember thinking if I buy the two green ones, I will have to shipped them home.

Table cloths from the Grand Hotel. 

Sheets were available, along with comfort tops. 

I liked these candle holders.  I can think of so many ways to use these throughout the year.

The shop had various items for sale such as magazines, plates, glasses, placemats, lamp, etc. at different price points.

Sooo, remember when you go to the Macinac Island, you can go thrift shopping at the Grand Hotel Attic.

Once again, thank you for following my adventures!  I know several of you like to thrift shop when vacationing!! Please share any of your great finds you have purchased while on vacation.

Wishing you a great day!


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  1. My, it seems you have some nifty shopping skills! Thanks for sharing your tips, will truly be helpful for bargain hunters who will go on vacation to Mackinac island.


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